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Why you'll ♥ Meldmail

Meldmail transforms your inbox by grouping emails into contacts so you can connect with friends instantly and filter out spammers quickly.

Grouped by sender

Grouped by contact

Multiple emails from the same person only appear once.

Reply instantly

Respond instantly

Just like texting. No addresses or subject to type before you reply.

Meldmail supports multiple accounts

Multiple accounts

Personal. Work. Business. Add as many accounts as you like and manage them all from Meldmail.

Meldmail IMAP compatible


Meldmail works with all popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Yandex, Zoho & iCloud.

Meldmail is secure


Meldmail works right from your phone, your emails are never shared, stored or processed by third-parties.

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Appsropos Inc.

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